A Year-Long, Planet-Crossing Love Story

Frack the Rules, Meg Stone

Fleeing Russia, then crossing the planet entirely on their own and unsupported, this is Elena and Meg's true-life, fists-in-the-air, tears-in-the-eyes, battle cry of escape, survival and freedom.

Here's what's going on with Frack the Rules

A complete and total re-write. I am not going to lie to you. This book has gone through a lot of incarnations and incantations. Incarnations being: Convergence, Elena and Meg, and now, Frack the Rules -- a new, slimmed down, no-holds-barred look at what happened after, **Talking to the Moon.**

For those not ken to the lunar reference, **Talking to the Moon** is my partner: Elena Ivanova's, recollection of events that led to the planet-crossing run for our lives. The very escape -- not just for Elena, but also, for yours truly -- that I describe in all those words following these ones. If you haven't read **Talking to the Moon,** yet, you can still read onward for the thrills, chills and uproarious hilarity -- aka, gallows humor -- you'll come across in **Frack the Rules,** but you are going to be missing some of the background.

It took Elena literally more than a decade to come to grips with what happened, and then, to put the heart wrenching details down, in English. Before then, I did my level best to cover what I knew from that dark time in her life. But, take my word for it, I knew very little, and Elena does an infinitely better job of telling her story than I do. That is why I am not including my rendition of Elena's experiences. She, quite simply, does a better job than anyone, describing the events that led to her standing, face-to-face with me, in Kiev's Borispol airport, all those years ago.

To use a cliche that is astonishingly appropriate in this case; I am going to cut to the chase, but in so doing, you may be left wondering, why we did what we had to.

Audio Book

I am looking for a narrator for the audiobook. Watch this space for more info.